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Monday, 18 July 2011


These are two earrings I made while I was experimenting with circular forms. I made them both for myself. The second pair has a black pearls hanging in them.


The first brooch I made on commission for my lovely friend Rosalind. She had scoliosis and wanted it conveyed in jewellery somehow. After thinking up various designs including earrings I settled on making her a brooch. If you wish to contact me about a commission my email address is The second brooch I made for my grandmother and chose a navy blue stone as that is her favorite colour. 
I was delighted to find out my gorgeous friend Rosalind owner of the backbone brooch wore it to london fashion week this year and it got featured on AltamiraVanessa JacksonFashionistable and Stockholm Street Style among others.


I made these rings for some old family friends 20th wedding anniversary. I made them opposites. On one ring the larger strip of silver is matte and the thinner strip shiny, but on the other ring the larger strip is shiny and the thinner strip matte. I tried to make them the type of jewellery you could wear casually and also for more formal occasions.


The top pendant I made out of squares and rectangles of silver soldered together. I then experimented with different finishes leaving some of the squares matte and some of them shiny. The second pendant I made from scrap pieces of silver fused together into circle. I gave the second pendant to my mother.

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Early Work

The photographs above are a selection of early pieces. I made them while experimenting with different techniques and styles. The bracelets at the top I made for two of my friends as they shared the same birthday. When making them I tried to design the bracelets to suit their two different personalities. Below them there are three pendants. The first one was for my mother as I had not given her a piece of jewelry yet and she only really wears pendants. The pendant with the flower I made after reticulating a square piece of silver and attaching the flower made of wire so it could hang freely. This is one of my favourite early pieces and I kept it for myself. Then there is the pendant with the blue stone. It was the first time I had ever set a stone and was drawn to it because of the way the black looks like a small fire burning in the stone.